The women I love and who inspire me are androgynous. GirlBoy Morgan Hoffman isn’t about being gender neutral, but much more about Femininity with a Twist of Boy. It’s that combination of both Masculine and Feminine that helps to make each one of us unique and stand out from the crowd. GirlBoy recognizes that each of us has those two elements.

I think about some of the women that inspire me: iconic and authentic beauties like Lauren Bacall, Mia Farrow and Cate Blanchett. They were/are amazing actresses and style icons. Each of them is very much a woman, but there is a coolness there–and that is the boy element. A quirkiness, which is all about being original. Each of them is a strong woman, confident; sure of herself, her style, her flair and even her sexiness. In a world of other influences, they remain their own muse. Lauren Bacall’s signature “The Look” originated from her being shy, so she learned to keep her chin down and look up. Strong, smart and independent, Lauren Bacall at nineteen years old would go to toe-to-toe with Bogie and not only hold her own but stand as his equal. That ability to stand tall and speak her mind inspired other women for the fifty years of her career.

Mia Farrow first did her iconic boy’s haircut herself on the set of Peyton Place, well before Vidal Sassoon got a chance to work on it. Getting rid of the traditional long hair took her from merely being “pretty” and revealed her to be this incredibly ethereal beauty–oh the unforgettable power of those eyes. Her style remains a source of inspiration to other actresses such as Carey Mulligan, Michelle Williams, and Mia Wasikowska.

Cate Blanchett is the true Chameleon. She can take her look anywhere she chooses, but she is in control, which is what makes her so incredible. Cate Blanchett has this perfect misfit beauty that imbues her roles and characters, going beyond the typical or expected. Instead, she communicates her uniqueness in a way that hooks us all and draws us in. What each of these three did, is in many ways, what we are hoping to accomplish with GirlBoy Morgan Hoffman—for women to become their own muse. We value style as a creative force that raises women up to both empower and Inspire.

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