Check Out the Latest Astrid Vos Artwork for Our Spring Summer 2019 Collection

A lot of people don’t know it, but the idea for GirlBoy was inspired by an artist’s illustration. Donald Robertson, artist and creative director for Estee Lauder, saw me at the Bergdorf Goodman restaurant, sketched me, and then, gave me the drawing. His illustration and our subsequent conversations galvanized the GirlBoy Morgan Hoffman brand and fashion line. We even incorporated the Robertson sketch into the lining of some of our first pieces in the GBMH line.
Since then, we’ve been carrying on this tradition of collaborating with artists. The latest illustrations, shown here, come from incredibly talented female fashion artist, Astrid Vos. Astrid’s sketch came from a Polaroid we shot a while back. I was wearing vintage chandelier earrings and a classic sixties blouse with a peter pan collar—the vibe is Eddie Sedgwick meets a young Liza Minnelli.
Astrid Voss
This Vos illustration patterned lining is going into select pieces of our 2019 Spring/Summer collection. Stay tuned for even more sneak peeks coming soon.
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