I love that quote because it represents everything that I love about fashion—especially Chanel. The celebration of the individual is that you don’t have to fit into a particular kind of mold, you can stand out by just being yourself. Chanel. The ultimate in class and fabulousness.

I have a passion for vintage designer pieces and the time periods those wonderful pieces celebrate. However, when I wear Chanel, I feel modern, classic, and timeless. I feel like myself—only better—this is the genius of Chanel.

In many ways, Chanel is the original GirlBoy in that Gabrielle Chanel took her inspiration from masculine clothing and style. She then she turned them into these incredible feminine outfits, that made women feel more powerful and glamorous. I identify with that so much. Chanel inspires me. I love being a girl and feminine. I think that masculine can be sexy and beautiful as well.